Solar Inspections & Safety Services in Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Central Queensland

Your solar power system may not produce as much electricity as the grid, but it can still be dangerous. Solar Inspections and Safety considerations are just as important as being connected to the grid. Just pressing the test button on your switchboard isn’t enough. That test button will determine if you are protected from electrocution. It doesn’t test to determine whether your home or business is safe from electrical fires.

When it comes to electricity, don’t take a chance. Get a certified electrician to perform a safety inspection. You’ll be glad you did because an electrical fire usually starts where wires are; in the walls, floor or ceiling. This means that they will often go undetected by smoke alarms until it is too late!

A certified electrician will be able to quickly check to see if your home is safe from potential threats. So please get a professional to ensure the safety of your family, friends, customers or colleagues in your home or business. Chances are, you’ll only need an inspection once every five years. When was the last time you had an electrical safety inspection?

As a general rule, commercial properties and properties with a swimming pool should be inspected once every 12 months. Homes should be inspected every 5 years or whenever there are tenancy changes.

Before you vacate a property (residential or commercial) a general electrical safety inspection should be performed. Also, when you move into a new property (residential or commercial) you should organise an inspection. Don’t take a chance! Especially when you don’t know what a previous tenant did to the property. Installations could have been a DIY job. Unprofessional installations are likely to ignore all safety considerations that professional electricians train years to understand.

Adding a solar system to your home means having another system generating power. Make sure to have it inspected to so that it doesn’t present a threat to your home or business.

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