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The team at CQ Solar and Electrical are the experts when it comes to all things solar; especially commercial solar projects. Have an entire solar system seamlessly installed for your business with our professional installers. We understand your needs and have the expertise to install solar systems to meet the demands of your business.

Our specialised commercial solar team is able to organise reliable and low-maintenance solar solutions for your business. We only install and recommend reliable brands that have a long life span. The team is also highly trained in the maintenance and repair of any existing solar system your business may have.

Take advantage of great tax deductions, government grants and loans by switching to Solar today!

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What is Commercial Solar Power and how does it affect my business?

Why your business could save money with Commercial Solar

Conventional methods of generating energy are becoming old fashioned over time. Endlessly burning coal to generate power is unsustainable and damaging the environment around us. With this in mind, businesses Australia-wide have turned their heads to solar power.

When you choose commercial solar power, you are not only modernising your business but also setting it up for the future.

The process starts with a professional solar installation. This involves solar panels being placed onto the roof of your commercial property. Once the solar system is in place, the exposure to sunlight is converted into energy.

With this system in place, your business can take full advantage of the energy that your solar panels have generated. You may even produce enough to power your entire building! Consequently, your business has the potential to save thousands of dollars on energy bills by harnessing the power of the sun. Additionally, you will be significantly improving your carbon footprint, proving that your business cares for our environment.

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Since day one our focus has been providing Rockhampton and Central Queensland families and businesses with quality and affordable products and services. And our Commercial Solar Services aren’t any exception! We also offer professional solar installations, solar maintenance and repairs and solar safety inspections. We invite you to discover why more customers in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Central Queensland and beyond prefer CQ Solar and Electrical over the competition.

Get in touch with our friendly team today. We’re happy to assist with a comprehensive range of Commercial Solar Services to best suit your needs. The best solution always involves quality products and workmanship, but most importantly, the best solution should suit your specific needs and budget.

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How does my commercial solar power system work?

Discover how commercial solar can help your business

When your business implements solar power, there are 2 ways in which your generated energy is used. It all depends on how much your solar system can produce and how much energy your commercial property needs to function.

Surplus Energy

Firstly, let’s imagine that your business creates more energy than it needs to run the entire building (especially on weekends). Not only are you self-sustainable now but you also have an opportunity to make money back on your electricity bills.

This is by rerouting your excess energy back to the power grid. When this happens, your energy provider may pay for the energy that is directed to the grid, saving you a potential fortune on electricity bills. This way, no power is wasted and you actually benefit from excess electricity generated (rates may vary).

Boost from the Grid

On the other hand, you may need extra energy to power your whole building. When this is required, all the power you generate is routed into your property and the rest that you need is provided from the grid. Your energy supplier will only charge you for the extra energy that you need.

Whether you have enough energy to run your business fully or you run short, you can still make substantial savings.

How do solar initiatives help my business?

The Australian government have been providing homes and businesses access to financial incentives for solar since 2011. This incentives were brought about through the Renewable Energy Scheme and has proven to be highly successful so far.

Small Scale Technology Certificates

The STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) program is the smaller-scale version providing financial incentives for businesses that have solar systems that are 99kW or less. It gives the buyer a chance to purchase solar panels and have them installed for cheaper than the retail price due to an attractive point of purchase discount.

Over the years, the financial incentives and discounts offered have slowed down. This has been done by incrementally lowering the incentive each year and so that it finishes in 2032. This means that there is still plenty of time to take advantage!

Large Scale Generation Certificates

If your business plans to install a large-scale solar system, you may have to apply for the LGC program (Large-Scale Generation Certificates). The key difference with this incentive is that you must claim back money each year rather than at the point of sale. This can still save you significant money but the rates are different.

It is required that you register your business with the Clean Energy Regulator and become an accredited power station. Your metering must meet all the National Electricity Market standards and then you can track your power generation accurately.

Once this is completed, you can start to see the savings; however, recently the target for solar installation has been hit, so ensure that you have checked what the value of the incentive is today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that our customers ask about Commercial Solar

How much does commercial solar cost?

Commercial solar presents a range of different considerations. How much energy do you want to produce and what percentage of your electricity will this cover? Which panels are you looking to purchase and how many? Do you require premium solar panels?

All of these questions are vital to determining the price of your commercial solar project. Discover the answers and arrange a quote with CQ Solar and Electrical today!

Are commercial solar panels worth it?

At CQ Solar and Electrical, we believe in the vast majority of cases, solar panels will save you money in the long run. It is important to note that the future of Australia’s energy production is green and eventually everyone will be joining the environmental revolution.

Many businesses across the globe have already converted to solar power and are reaping the rewards. You can save money by producing green energy yourself but this is not your only benefit. The value of commercial properties often rise once solar panels are installed.

Additionally, you can show the public your commitment to the environment. This has the potential to attract more customers due to sustainability becoming a higher priority to many. For more information on why your business may benefit from commercial solar, contact us today.

How much will a 100kW solar system produce?

On average, with a 100kW commercial solar system installed, you can expect roughly 150,000kWh (kilowatt-hours) per year; however, this is a ballpark figure and can vary drastically depending on factors such as how much sunlight your system is subjected to or where you live.

For more information on the amount of energy that your system could generate, contact us today!