CQ Solar and Electrical are your premium supplier for everything solar in Rockhampton. Our company has a range of solar products and solar services to help you meet your energy needs. We only supply high-quality solar products from reputable brands, backed by manufacturer warranties. Additionally, our professional and affordable service covers everything solar and electrical.

So if you’re serious about quality solar, get in touch with CQ Solar and Electrical today. Learn more about our $0 upfront Solar Installation* by getting in touch with our friendly team.

Our experienced team are professionals in all things solar! From a high-quality and low maintenance solar install, through to domestic and commercial solar maintenance and repair. We understand solar inside-out! And that exceptional knowledge also extends to understanding which high-quality products are suitable for your solar system including solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries and storage.

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Our Solar Products Rockhampton

The professional team at CQ Solar and Electrical understand that you need high-quality solar in Rockhampton and that’s why we only source reliable products and reputable brands.

Look no further when looking for high-quality solar panels at an affordable price. A high-quality and low maintenance solar system begins with reliable products from a reputable brand. Our team can source the right panels for your needs and budget. Additionally, we can back you up with a professional installation.

Finding the right solar inverter for your needs can be difficult. Additionally, it needs to be installed by an electrician; preferably a solar expert. Our reputable staff are industry leaders when it comes to setting up your solar inverter and solar power system. Your solar inverter converts the energy coming from the solar panel into useable electricity. Therefore, make sure that you speak to the solar professionals at CQ Solar and Electrical for the right product and installation at the right price.

Solar batteries and storage are becoming more popular especially as people seek to go off-grid. Additionally, people are also taking advantage of solar feed-in tariffs to reduce their electricity bills. Furthermore, solar storage can help you become completely self-sufficient, depending on your usage and energy needs. This is especially true because most households use their electricity after regular work hours, not during the day when electricity is generated.

Our Solar Services

Solar is in our name and in our hearts. It’s what we live and breathe. We’re passionate about delivering sustainable and cost-effective solar services to Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Central Queensland and beyond.

Have your solar system professionally designed and installed by the solar specialists at CQ Solar and Electrical. Never look back when you have a high-quality solar installation. Get in touch to see what government incentives are available for a new installation for your home or business.

Solar Maintenance and repair may be necessary if your system has experienced some damage or is not producing energy efficiently. To maximise the performance of your solar system, get in touch with the solar experts today. CQ Solar and Electrical can conduct a solar audit to determine any inefficiencies in your system.

Solar power can be just as deadly as electricity from the grid. Additionally, you should ensure a safety inspection is conducted every year as different components of your electrical system may fail and present a threat to the safety of your home or business. Electrical fires and electrocution are real threats. So, organise a safety inspection today.

We get commercial clients. We understand your needs and the importance of high-quality installations, maintenance and repair. We are here to save you time and money both now and in the long term. Never skip a beat and stay on top of your business with quality Solar solutions.

How does my Solar in Rockhampton work within my home?

Find out how you can take advantage of generating your own solar power

Once you have set up your solar panel system, there are two instances that may occur. The first is that you generate more power than your house actually needs. Congratulations! You are now self-sufficient; however, the benefits don’t stop there.

The extra kW’s that your system produces should always go somewhere. This is where the feed-in tariff begins. Your excess energy that your solar panels have produced is put straight back into the grid. This way, nothing is wasted and may receive a reduction in your energy bills (rates vary).

The second outcome is when you generate less power than your home needs to run properly. In this case, you will receive extra power from the grid. You will then be charged for the energy that you receive from the grid, as you have done in the past; however, it should be significantly lower, due to the kW’s produced from your solar panels.

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What are the benefits of Solar in Rockhampton?

Cheaper monthly bills are only the beginning. Take a glance at some of the great benefits that you may gain from installing Solar in Rockhampton.

Solar panels may be a wonderful investment for your home or business. The main reason for this is due to the green energy future that we are heading towards.

When it comes to selling your property, solar panels will show it is ready for the future. Additionally, buyers may be attracted by the potential savings that they could make on their energy bills.

Solar panels also look stunning and may attract potential buyers due to their slick design qualities.

On average, solar panels only really need maintenance once every 6 months. Even then, it is only a routine clean to ensure that their exposure to sunlight is at an optimum level.

Dry, dusty surroundings may require slightly more cleaning; however, wetter climates may require significantly less.

With a professional solar installation and high-quality brands, you should find that your panels last up to 40 years. Additionally, you may find that your panels have a 25-year warranty.

Climate change is happening and action needs to be taken now. Traditional methods of energy production are damaging our planet and polluting our atmosphere.

Generating energy will always be important, however, green energy production, such as solar, may be the answer to environmental damage.

Be involved with the green energy movement and do your part to help fight against climate change. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and will reduce your carbon footprint. Everyone wants to help the environment flourish, with solar in Rockhampton you can be a part of the story.

Many people worry that, if they live in a rainy climate, they cannot have solar panels. This is due to the assumption that rain and clouds stop solar panels from working they cannot produce energy.

Luckily, this assumption is false. Solar panels are capable of generating power on cloudy and rainy days. This is because they work by harnessing the light and not heat. If there is still light available, even if it is not sunny, your solar panels will be of use to you.

Additionally, it is actually a good thing if your solar panels are subjected to some rainfall. Rain washes away dirt and dust that can stop solar panels from working to their peak. Consequently, you will have to clean and maintain your solar panels less, which is a helpful bonus.

How does Solar in Rockhampton affect me?

Why may solar save you money on your energy bills?

Green energy certainly looks like it is the future. Fossil fuels and other more traditional techniques used in the production of energy are dangerous for the environment and are unsustainable. These reasons are why more and more people are looking towards solar power.

When you have solar installed at your home, solar panels are typically placed onto the roof of your house. When they are exposed to the sun, energy is produced from the light.

You may be able to power your entire house using solar, depending on a few factors such as sunlight exposure, the size of your system and your energy usage. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Also, you will leave a much smaller carbon footprint. This is great for the environment and proves that you are helping to fight against climate change.

Find a professional Solar electrician near you

Please use the map below to see if our experienced solar electricians are able to service your area or contact us directly. Additionally, we are always expanding our service areas so please contact us if your area doesn’t appear on the map. Contact us by phone or leave a message and one of our friendly team members will be able to assist you.

      Looking for superior-quality Solar in Rockhampton?

      CQ Solar and Electrical provide all things Solar in Rockhampton, QLD 4700

      At CQ Solar & Electrical, we provide everything for superior-quality solar installation in Rockhampton for your home or business. We provide our professional solar services for domestic or commercial purposes and always ensure that your job will be completed on time and on budget.

      Furthermore, our professional solar electricians are fully trained and highly experienced in all things solar, so be confident knowing that our friendly team are fully insured and reliable. From solar installation to solar safety inspections, we provide professional service, coupled with exceptional workmanship. In addition, we provide solar products from reputable brands to ensure that our clients receive superior-quality solar products. Furthermore, we will be happy to offer advice on the best solar products to suit your needs.

      In addition, our highly experienced and dedicated team are always happy to talk you through the process and will get the job done right. All of our friendly electricians are passionate about solar and we ensure that we complete solar installations in Rockhampton with a smile. For superior-quality and low maintenance solar, why take the risk? Always choose the professionals at CQ Solar & Electrical for superior-quality solar products and exceptional workmanship.

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      Professional Solar in Rockhampton with experience that counts

      Finally, experienced and affordable Solar in Rockhampton 4700

      At CQ Solar & Electrical, we are dedicated to providing our clients with everything they need regarding solar in Rockhampton. From solar panel installation to maintenance and repair, our highly experienced and fully qualified professionals are here for you.

      In addition, when you choose CQSE, you are guaranteed professionalism and superior-quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients and as such, always provide a top-end service, on time and on budget. Take a look at some of the solar services that we provide in Rockhampton.

      Solar Installation

      Have your solar system professionally designed and installed by the solar specialists at CQ Solar and Electrical. Never look back when you have a high-quality solar installation in Rockhampton! Get in touch with our caring staff to see how you could benefit.

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      Solar Inverters

      Locating the best solar inverter to suit your unique needs can be tricky. Additionally, it needs to be installed by a qualified electrician. Our caring and devoted staff members are industry leaders when it comes to installing your solar inverter and solar system.

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      Solar Batteries & Storage

      Many people are taking advantage of solar feed-in tariffs to reduce their electricity costs in Rockhampton! Furthermore, solar batteries and storage may help you become completely self-sufficient, depending on your energy usage and your unique needs.

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      Solar Inspections & Safety

      Solar power can be just as lethal as electricity from the grid. Additionally, you should ensure that a safety inspection is regularly performed as various components of your electrical system can as they age. For total peace of mind, organise a Solar safety inspection in Rockhampton today.

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      Solar Panels

      Look no further when searching for high-quality solar panels at an affordable price. Our high-quality maintenance services for solar system starts with reliable products from a reliable brand. Our caring staff can find the right panels to suit your unique needs and budget.

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      Solar Maintenance & Repair

      Solar maintenance and repair may be required if your system has suffered some damage or is not generating energy efficiently. To improve the performance of your solar system, contact the solar professionals today and always keep on top of your solar maintenance in Rockhampton.

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      194 Happy Clients

      from Rockhampton and the local area trust our exceptional Solar products and services.

      Join the many people living in Rockhampton who have already become part of the green energy revolution. Our professional team of solar electricians are highly experienced to ensure that your solar is installed and serviced to the highest standards. When you choose CQ Solar & Electrical, you can be sure that you will receive upfront pricing, superior-quality service and exceptional workmanship.


      Trust our professional team of Solar Electricians to get the job done safely in Rockhampton

      Providing high quality, reliable and safe solar services in Rockhampton

      It is extremely important to us that we conduct all of our solar services in Rockhampton in a safe and professional manner. That is why our highly experienced electricians always ensure that they follow all the required safety regulations. It is important that we follow these guidelines in order to keep our clients, workers and your property safe.

      In addition, we always ensure that our professional team works to minimise the risk of all dangers. From installation to maintenance, if you have a query regarding the safety of any solar services, please feel free to contact our friendly team.

      Rockhampton Solar services with a smile!

      Get a quote from our friendly Rockhampton Solar Electricians

      At CQ Solar & Electrical, we pride ourselves on our superior-quality solar in Rockhampton, delivered with a smile. All of our friendly electricians are always happy to advise you on which solar products would be best for you. In addition, from the our superior-quality installation services to our professional safety inspections at the end, we always treat our clients respectfully.


      So, what does it mean to provide the “best Solar services” in Rockhampton?

      There are many factors to consider when searching for the best solar services in Rockhampton. At CQ Solar & Electrical, we understand how important it is to provide the best solar services including superior-quality products, exceptional workmanship and friendly customer service. Read on to discover what makes us the number one choice for solar in Rockhampton.

      What to look for when choosing professional Solar Electricians in Rockhampton, QLD 4700

      Firstly, you will want to ensure that your solar services company in Rockhampton only employs qualified electricians. It is illegal to conduct electrical wiring work when unqualified due to the dangers that come with electrical jobs. This is why it is important to find highly-qualified electricians to perform solar installation and other solar-related tasks safely.

      At CQSE, we ensure that our team of electricians are highly-qualified for the safety of our clients, workers and your property.

      In addition, experience is key. When delivering any kind of solar services, solar specialists will always perform work to a higher standard. Therefore, we are proud to employ fully-qualified and highly experienced solar professionals. CQ Solar and Electrical are always happy to provide a free quote and gallery examples of our previous solar installations that our experienced electricians have completed over the years.

      Furthermore, when having solar services completed at your home or business, we understand that you want to feel comfortable. At CQ Solar and Electrical, all of our friendly electricians are passionate about their work and always provide exceptional workmanship and service with a smile. Our team are always happy to answer any questions which you may have regarding solar and will treat you respectfully. When you choose CQ Solar & Electrical, you are choosing a friendly team with years of experience.

      Our Guarantee

      To provide superior-quality solar in Rockhampton to cater to your needs including installation, maintenance, products and services. Furthermore, we always provide friendly and professional service as well as exceptional workmanship. In addition, we aim to ensure that all of our solar services are on time and on budget, to give you greater peace of mind.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Below are some of the frequently asked questions that our exceptional clients have asked us about our solar services in Rockhampton, QLD 4700:

      Can an electrician install solar?

      Yes. It is important to remember that when looking for a tradesperson must be qualified to conduct professional solar installation services in Rockhampton. Furthermore, they must have an electrical contractor licence or hold an electrical qualified supervisor certificate. It is illegal to perform electrical wiring jobs without the correct qualifications.

      In addition, CQSE only recruits people with years of solar and electrical industry experience. Furthermore, our solar specialists have demonstrated their effectiveness as solar technicians and are truly passionate about the work that they do. Contact our friendly and dedicated team today to find out more.

      Is it worth getting solar in QLD?

      Yes. As time goes on, the world is looking towards green energy more and more as its major source of power. When you choose to install solar panels onto your home, you are not just part of the future, you are part of the now!

      Furthermore, whether your solar system produces enough energy to power your entire house or just a portion, it may be saving you money. In addition, excess power that is generated can be sent back through the grid, saving you money on bills. This not only saves you money but lowers your carbon footprint.

      Be part of the solution with CQ Solar & Electrical. Contact our friendly and dedicated team today to find out more!

      Can I install solar myself?

      No, unless you have an electrical contractor licence. Furthermore, it can be extremely dangerous to attempt to install solar panels yourself. There are a number of risks when working with electricity as well as the reliability of the installation. Not having the right safety components correctly in place will present a potential fire risk to your property, as well as an electrocution threat. That is why we always provide superior-quality solar installation in Rockhampton with exceptional workmanship at an affordable rate.

      In addition, we do not recommend installing solar yourself, especially if you do not have an electrical contractor licence and prior experience. Our friendly, dedicated and highly experienced team are solar professionals that will get the hard work done for you. This way, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your solar system is being installed safely and efficiently.

      How much power does a 5kW solar system produce per day?

      The amount of power that you can harness from your solar system on any given day does depend on the amount of sunlight your panels are subjected to; however, even when the sun is behind the clouds, you may expect to produce energy.

      A small solar system e.g. 5kW may generate up to 20kWh of solar energy for your home on an average day. This figure will vary depending on the subjection to sunlight and whether it is at an optimum temperature.

      Renewable energy is the future. To be part of this exciting journey, contact the experts in everything solar in Rockhampton today!

      How much does a solar installation cost?

      There are a variety of factors to consider when purchasing solar in Rockhampton. How much power do you want to produce and what percentage of your electricity will this cover? How many solar panels are you looking to acquire? Do you want to purchase premium panels?

      To find the answer to these queries and discuss a quote, contact us today!

      What are the Solar Incentives in Qld and how does it affect purchasing Solar in Rockhampton?

      Since 2011, Australians have been given the chance to use the government incentive delivered by the Renewable Energy Scheme. This initiative gives small businesses and households the opportunity to acquire solar installations with a significant discount and the point of purchase!

      After a period of time, the discount has lowered but it is still at a substantial rate. It may save you thousands of dollars depending on certain factors e.g. location and size of purchase. This incentive drops every year by a little and will end in 2031. This means, to get the best deal, now is the time to buy! Contact CQ Solar & Electrical today to arrange a quote.

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