CQ Solar and Electrical are your premium supplier for everything solar in Rockhampton. Our company has a range of solar products and solar services to help you meet your energy needs. We only supply high-quality solar products from reputable brands, backed by manufacturer warranties. Additionally, our professional and affordable service covers everything solar and electrical.

So if you’re serious about quality solar, get in touch with CQ Solar and Electrical today!

Our experienced team are professionals in all things solar! From a high-quality and low maintenance solar install, through to domestic and commercial solar maintenance and repair. We understand solar inside-out! And that exceptional knowledge also extends to understanding which high-quality products are suitable for your solar system including solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries and storage.

Our Solar Products

The professional team at CQ Solar and Electrical understand that you need a high-quality solar system and that’s why we only source reliable products and reputable brands.

Look no further when looking for high-quality solar panels at an affordable price. A high-quality and low maintenance solar system begins with reliable products from a reputable brand. Our team can source the right panels for your needs and budget. Additionally, we can back you up with a professional installation.

Finding the right solar inverter for your needs can be difficult. Additionally, it needs to be installed by an electrician; preferably a solar expert. Our reputable staff are industry leaders when it comes to setting up your solar inverter and solar power system. Your solar inverter converts the energy coming from the solar panel into useable electricity. Therefore, make sure that you speak to the solar professionals at CQ Solar and Electrical for the right product and installation at the right price.

Solar batteries and storage are becoming more popular especially as people seek to go off grid. Additionally, people are also taking advantage of solar feed-in tariffs to reduce their electricity bills. Furthermore, solar storage can help you become completely self-sufficient, depending on your usage and energy needs. This is especially true because most households use their electricity after regular work hours, not during the day when electricity is generated.

Our Solar Services

Solar is in our name and in our hearts. It’s what we live and breathe. We’re passionate about delivering sustainable and cost-effective solar services to Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Central Queensland and beyond.

Have your solar system professionally designed and installed by the solar specialists at CQ Solar and Electrical. Never look back when you have a high-quality solar installation. Get in touch to see what government incentives are available for a new installation for your home or business.

Solar Maintenance and repair may be necessary if your system has experienced some damage or is not producing energy efficiently. To maximise the performance of your solar system, get in touch today with the solar experts today. CQ Solar and Electrical can conduct a solar audit to determine any inefficiencies in your system.

Solar power can be just as deadly as electricity from the grid. Additionally, you should ensure a safety inspection is conducted every year as different components of your electrical system may fail and present a threat to the safety of your home or business. Electrical fires and electrocution are real threats. So organise a safety inspection today.

We get commercial clients. We understand your needs and the importance of high-quality installations, maintenance and repair. We are here to save you time and money both now and in the long-term. Never skip a beat and stay on top of your business with quality Solar solutions.