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Central Queensland Solar & Electrical (CQSE) is a reputable electrical contractor offering affordable services in Rockhampton and Central Queensland. Over the years since our founding in 2012, we have gained an amazing amount of experience throughout Rockhampton and Central Queensland. Our strongest assets are our employees who bring an amazing amount of experience and knowledge to the team. Many of our local Rockhampton electricians also live in the area and proudly call Rockhampton home.

In addition, we employ local members of the community who are the best industry-recognised experts to join our experienced team. Further to that, we don’t only look for technical skills and years of experience. That is, we only recruit electricians who are passionate about the work they do and come to work every day with a positive attitude. Consequently, we guarantee that our clients will be dealing with expert, friendly and approachable team members.

Further to that, CQSE delivers amazing solutions including Electrical Inspections, Fan Installations, Air Conditioning Installation, Solar System Installation, Lighting and Switchboard Upgrades. The team at CQSE are industry leaders, so no matter what your electrical job may be, CQSE will ensure that all jobs are completed with high-quality workmanship and amazing customer care. To learn more about the amazing solutions we deliver in Rockhampton, we invite you to read on.

In addition, our dedicated team members deliver reputable, affordable and high-quality services in Rockhampton. To find out how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly Rockhampton Customer Service team today!

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At CQSE, we always ensure transparent communication and competitive pricing. In addition, we ensure that every job is completed with high-quality workmanship as we always deliver reliable and affordable electrical solutions with every Rockhampton job.

In addition, if you searched for the “Best Electrician Rockhampton” then you’ve come to the right place! Our high-quality services over the years have helped us develop an amazing reputation. That is, we’ve helped several residential, commercial and industrial clients with a diverse range of electrician services. Further to that, it means we are always equipped to anticipate all necessary job requirements to save you time and money. CQSE is here to proudly serve the local Rockhampton community.

Further to that, our local Rockhampton electrician team members can take care of the entire job from start to finish. We don’t believe in half jobs and always ensure that each and every job is completed with high-quality workmanship so that our clients are completely satisfied with our work. That way, you can spend your time and energy on the things that really matter to you. If there are any hiccups or mishaps along the way, notify someone from our team and we’d be happy to rectify the concern.

Below we have some examples of the Electrical solutions we have completed in the local Rockhampton area:


CQSE delivers smart renewable energy services in Rockhampton and Central Queensland. CQSE are capable of offering solar panel installation, system design and integration, energy audits and much more.

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General Electrician

Our licensed electricians have several years of experience working in Rockhampton and Central Queensland. We’re equipped to safely handle any electrical job, including hard-to-reach areas, complex electrical systems and much more.

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Switchboard Upgrades

The heart of your electrical system is your switchboard. While we might not think about them until we need to, it’s important to keep your switchboard in mind, especially if you’re renovating or building.

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Fan Installation

At CQSE, we’ve helped many people in Rockhampton save energy and improve their comfort levels with our expert ceiling fan installation. Take the stress out of your next fan installation and let the experts at CQSE handle it for you.

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Lighting Electrician

Our Rockhampton electricians are more than capable and qualified to handle all your lighting needs. We can create interior and exterior lighting landscapes that deliver amazing beauty, security, visibility and functionality.

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Air Conditioning

We deliver a broad range of air conditioning solutions, including repairs, maintenance programs, and installation of new units. So whatever your needs, contact our friendly electricians today to learn more about how we can help you!

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144 Jobs

Completed to date for our happy Rockhampton clients

Are you still looking for a reputable electrician? CQSE have been Rockhampton’s favourite electricians since 2012, addressing all your electrical concerns. If you are in need of a reliable electrician in Rockhampton, CQSE are available to assist you in all areas. Read on to discover what makes our amazing electricians unique and how we can help you with your next job.

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If your next job requires a reliable and competent electrician, look no further than CQSE. We deliver a 100% guarantee on our work and as industry-leading electricians, with case studies to back that up. We have provided our services to hundreds of friendly clients in Rockhampton and Central Queensland.

As a local business, we understand Rockhampton and Central Queensland. In addition, many of our electricians live locally. So you can count on us to ensure that we’re doing our best to look after and support our local Rockhampton community!

Following many years of competent service in Rockhampton, we have met and helped many amazing people with their electrical jobs at an affordable price. So get in touch with CQSE today to see how you can benefit from our quality workmanship and unbeatable experience.

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24-Hour Electricians Rockhampton 4700

With a few different 24-hour electricians near Rockhampton, it can be quite difficult at times to know who will deliver the results you want. This can be a real problem when it’s your first time booking a job. Who do you trust?

Who do I call when I have an electrical emergency in Rockhampton?

Our expert 24-hour Rockhampton electricians get the job done quickly and efficiently! With friendly customer service, fair prices, and safe protocols, we are there when you need us – day or night. This includes installation, repairs, connecting electrical wires and more. Fixtures, home and office appliances, conduits, solar cells, and more. Our licensed-24 hour electricians are experts with all things electrical.

A 24-hour electricians will install wiring for light fixtures, appliances, and a variety of electrical circuits at residential or commercial locations. Whether it is installing a new circuit and knowing the way around a breaker panel, our 24-hour electrician repair solutions include everything you need to ensure the wiring in your home or office is done safely, correctly, and efficiently.

Our Rockhampton Electricians are here for you

Whether you need an electrician of residential, commercial, or industrial needs, we can deliver high-quality solutions for all your electrical issues. We are proud of the relationships we build with clients. In fact, many of our clients have been with us for over a decade because of the amazing and affordable solutions we deliver. Regardless of the specific electrical issues you are facing, you can count on us to deliver a solution that is tailored to meet your unique needs.

In addition, at CQSE, we know that sometimes you can be working on a tight budget or on a time crunch. We deliver what you’re looking for. Prompt and cost-effective, our electrical solutions are always completed with high-quality workmanship. We are also available 24/7 to ensure that you receive the help you need when you need it.

Committed to our clients

To be able to deliver an affordable and high-quality Electrician service in Rockhampton, we make sure we are always on time, and on budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions our Rockhampton clients ask about our electricians.

Do you charge to quote for a job in Rockhampton?

Absolutely not! We are all about open and honest communication and that is exactly why we offer a no-obligation free quotation.

My lights have been flickering. Is that a problem?

Lights will flicker when the power supply suddenly changes. This would be common during a bad storm when overhead wires are suddenly overloaded. Your lights can also flicker when an unusually large power supply is required. If the problem is consistent, it’s best to contact an electrician and have them inspect your wiring.

What are power surges and are they dangerous?

Surges occur when a particular event causes an interference in the normal flow of electricity (fallen trees, lightning, wind storms, and similar incidents). At times, power surges can cause damages to particularly sensitive units, such as TV’s or computers. It’s best to invest in good surge protection.

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