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At CQSE, our family friendly approach, quality workmanship and value pricing, position us as one of preferred suppliers and installers of Air Conditioning Rockhampton wide. We are proud to have been cooling and heating our clients houses and businesses in Rockhampton for many years. 

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Our best in class Split Air Conditioning Systems with wall mounting capability

Wall mounted split and multi split air conditioners are almost certainly the most common systems. They are long, thin and placed at a high level on the wall. The two biggest advantages are that wall units are always the cheapest option to install; they are also easy to retrofit in rooms without the need for building works or redecoration.

A single wall unit will usually be able to cool or heat most rooms; however, larger rooms sometimes require an additional unit. Split and multi split air conditioning units are also exceptionally quiet. You should avoid air conditioning models over 8kW in power as they are mainly intended for commercial applications and can be quite noisy.

Our professional team will ensure you get the optimal solution for your home.

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Struggling with what size Air Conditioning may be right for your room?

Trust the experts to determine the correct size Air Conditioning system for your room

An oversized air conditioner presents a number of problems that can be crippling and could result in needing to replace the unit years before its time. You’ll also be wasting energy during the short period when it does run. As a result of this increased level of moisture produced by an oversized air conditioner, the air quality in your home can deteriorate. This is a problem for anyone with asthma or any other respiratory disease.

Under sizing a unit will provide cheaper upfront cost but will cost more money when it comes to your electricity bill every quarter. Running more often and not completing a cycle add strain to the outdoor compressor, putting more wear and tear on the unit than it requires in turn giving you a sorter life span of your beloved system.

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Looking for an Air Conditioning company that has put their customers interests first since day one? You’ve come to the right place. We specialise in all Air Conditioning applications for residential and commercial settings, including ducted air conditioning, multi split air conditioning, split systems and more. Since we were first founded, CQSE has grown from strength to strength, allowing us to share our quality Air Conditioning products and services with more happy customers all across Rockhampton. 

Air Conditioning, CQ Solar & Electrical | Quality & Affordable Solar & Electrical Solutions
Air Conditioning, CQ Solar & Electrical | Quality & Affordable Solar & Electrical Solutions

Our Air Conditioning Systems in Rockhampton

Offering our Rockhampton customers high-quality Air Conditioning Brands

At CQSE, we pride ourselves in sourcing our air conditioning installation products and materials from the most reputable suppliers in the market.

CQSE is an official Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Partner in Rockhampton

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning is a leading supplier of premium residential and commercial air conditioning systems in Australian and New Zealand. Delivering engineering excellence for over 130 years, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand is instantly recognisable for superior quality and industry-leading technological advancement.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Air Conditioning provides residential and commercial air conditioning that is designed to unobtrusively create comfort, maximise performance and looks to the future for inspiration.